The main signs of endometriosis

Endometriosis is a female disease that is a violation in the growth of tissue covering the inner part of the uterus – the endometrium, which begins to form in places where it should not be. In most cases, the disease is accompanied by severe pain.

What are the symptoms of endometriosis?

The most obvious sign of endometriosis is severe pain in the inguinal region, which is often mistaken for menstruation, which is the norm, but the pain caused by endometriosis is usually much stronger and is increasing every day and is accompanied by spasms. This causes serious inconvenience, as with inflammation and such painful sensations it becomes impossible to lead a normal lifestyle.

There are other symptoms that many women with endometriosis have, and it is very important to know about them in order to be able to detect this disease in time.

  • Painful menstruation. It should be clarified that this is a very strong pain in the groin, which can also extend to the abdomen and lower back, besides, the pain sensations characteristic of endometriosis last much longer than the usual pain during menstruation.
  • Severe pain during intercourse. Very often, women with endometriosis experience severe pain during or after sexual intercourse.
  • Pain during urination. Not all patients note this symptom, but those who have it, claim that the pain when urinating is very strong.
  • Large blood loss during menstruation. Most women with endometriosis lose a lot of blood during menstruation.
  • Infertility. Women with endometriosis often can not conceive a child.

It should be noted that there are other symptoms of this disease, for example, mild fatigue, diarrhea, nausea. These symptoms are worse during menstruation.

How is endometriosis diagnosed?

Symptoms of the disease described above do not necessarily manifest themselves in this disease, nor is it necessary to have all the symptoms at the same time. The main sign of endometriosis, pain in the groin, can not be called reliable, as some women with mild form of endometriosis experience a much stronger malaise than women with severe cases of this disease.

Thus, with the appearance of one or more of the symptoms described above, we recommend urgently to seek help from a doctor so that he can take the necessary tests and make an accurate diagnosis by finding out whether this is an endometriosis or something more serious. Remember that the disease, identified in the early stages, can be cured, avoiding complications.

In conclusion, we remind you that it is necessary to strictly adhere to the doctor’s recommendations, because only in this way can you cure complicated cases of various diseases.

And it is very important to add: never do self-medication and do not use drugs that helped your best friend or neighbor. Medication can be prescribed only by a doctor.

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