Such a useful beetroot

Beetroot has amazing properties. For example, red root is rich in iron and folic acid, for which it is so valued by vegans and vegetarians.

Do you want to know what is useful for beets (except that it is possible to cook borscht and make a salad)?

Queen of detoxification

The color of the beetroot is given by a substance called betacyanin. It also removes harmful toxins from the body, which is especially useful for the liver, as it saves it from overload.

Beet and blood

The ability to purify blood is one of the most famous properties of beets. This root contains a lot of iron, which restores blood cells and thereby simplifies the flow of oxygen into the body.

Beet against cancer

Withdrawing toxins from the body, beetroot interferes with the spread of carcinogenic cells. Simply put, this is a very powerful product to prevent cancer, especially – rectal cancer. In fact, all fruits and vegetables have such properties, that’s why they must be there.

Controlling cholesterol


In your body, there are two types of cholesterol: “good” and “bad.” So, as studies have shown, beet reduces the level of “bad” and increases the level of “good” cholesterol.

Less stress

Due to the fact that beets act as a powerful antioxidant, it prevents oxidative stress. You become better protected from diseases and you can enjoy good health.

To help blood supply


Another amazing property of beets is that it contributes to the destruction of inorganic calcium, which in turn helps with hypertension, heart problems (no, not romantic sense) and varicose veins.

Become more enduring

Nitrates, which contains beets, can reduce oxygen consumption and thereby relieve fatigue and increase endurance.

Feel full

Do you want to lose a few pounds? Beetroot – that’s your savior. It contains fiber and nutrients that help lose weight. On the way to the stomach, cellulose absorbs moisture, the amount of food eaten increases, and you quickly feel saturated (and, accordingly, eat less).

In general, beetroot is a root with a specific taste, because of which it is not liked by everyone. But the beet is so useful that it is worth making an effort and figuring out how you can eat it – in borsch, vinaigrette, garlic and mayonnaise salad or, in the end, in the form of juice.

Do not forget: your health is in your hands, and for the sake of well-being and mood it is necessary to make all possible amendments to the daily diet.

Do you like beets? And your home? Do you often eat it? We will be grateful if you share with us the recipes and ideas of how you can use beetroot. Thank you in advance!

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