Rose water: how to make it and what is its use

Rose water is not just a gentle essence with a pleasant smell. It hides in itself the ancient secrets of beauty and health: it is not for nothing that in India and the Arab countries it was used to restore youth to skin, in religious rites and even simply for food. The properties of rose water are incalculable, and we will tell you how to make it, to take advantage of them and daily to appease your skin.

What is the use of roses?

  • Digestion: add pink petals to your food to cleanse the intestines and get rid of constipation. They perfectly match with salads, and besides, you can make pink tea.
  • Astringent: an infusion of pink petals will help instantly relieve inflammation in the eye area.
  • Benefits for the respiratory tract: to alleviate the symptoms of flu and cold, you can use the fruits of Rosaceae – the fruit that remains when the flower has already wilted; surely you’ve ever drunk a drink from a dog rose! To cook it, add fruits (whole, with seeds) to boiling water, strain the resulting drink and drink two cups a day.
  • Skin Benefits: Rose water helps to heal wounds, helps to get rid of scars and prevents skin aging.

Properties of rose water

  • Rose water has an anti-inflammatory and tonic effect. It will instantly relieve you of signs of fatigue at the end of the day. And if you use it in the morning, you will soon notice that the eternal circles under your eyes have disappeared somewhere.
  • Rose water relieves headaches. Wet a compress or handkerchief with rose water and apply it to your forehead to relieve pain.
  • Rose water contains a large amount of vitamin C needed to form a collagen and protect the skin from free radicals that cause it to age.
  • It relaxes.
  • Rose water helps to get rid of age spots, stretch marks and wrinkles.
  • It prevents hair loss, regulating blood circulation and strengthening hair follicles.
  • Thanks to the content of vitamins B and E, tannins and pectins, rose water is the ideal tonic for your skin, which can make it smooth and tender.
  • Rose water has antibacterial and healing effect, which makes it indispensable in the fight against aphthae, sores on the skin and acne.

How to make rose water

How to make rose water

What do you need?

  • Rose petals
  • Casserole with lid
  • Half a liter of distilled water
  • Glass bottle with hermetic lid


  • First you need to collect rose petals. As a rule, red and pink roses are the best fragrance. You need half a kilo of these petals – it’s a considerable amount, so maybe at this stage you’ll need someone’s help. It is best to collect petals early in the morning.
  • Pour half a liter of distilled water into the pan. In the manufacture of skin care products, it is always better to use distilled water, especially since it is easy to obtain. Add a pound of rose petals to the pan, close the lid and put it on a big fire.
  • The most important: as soon as you see that the water begins to boil, turn down the fire. Steam should not evaporate, because it contains the essential oil of the rose – the most useful part of the petals. Hold the pan on a low heat for another 10 minutes, and then turn it off altogether.
  • Leave the pan somewhere for an hour, that its contents “calmed down” – as it is done in the manufacture of infusions.
  • Once all the steam has settled, let the contents of the pan through the filter to get pink water.
  • Finally, pour the rose water into a glass bottle, close it tight and put it in the refrigerator. You can start using it the next day. Rose water is ideal for your skin, it has a toning and rejuvenating effect. This is a very simple and very useful tool.

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