Pomelo and grapefruit help to lose weight

Pomelo and grapefruit are citrus fruits, which have excellent health properties, a rich set of vitamins and microelements, which makes them essential for our diet. In addition, those who want to lose weight it is important to know that the use of pomelo and grapefruit blocks the enzymes that form fats in the body, and burns fatty deposits.

Consumption of one such fruit per day brings an indispensable benefit to the body and nutrition, preventing colds, influenza, improving blood circulation, protecting us from various types of oncology, and with a certain use allows you to reduce weight. Read about this in our article.

Useful properties of citrus fruits

citrus fruits

It is known that citrus fruits are a storehouse of vitamin C. Therefore, nutritionists note that one glass of juice from pomelo or lemon a day significantly improves the quality of life and health. This simple formula helps to cleanse the body and prevent various diseases. Here are the main useful qualities of pomelo, grapefruit and other citrus:

  • they are natural sources of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and E
  • strengthen the blood vessels
  • get rid of varicose veins
  • rich in vitamin C, betacarotene and bioflavonoids (vitamin compounds for long and healthy life of cells)
  • eliminate blood circulation problems
  • reduce the risk of cancer
  • lower blood cholesterol levels
  • excrete toxins, improve the functioning of the intestines and kidneys
  • are antihemorrhagic (improve blood coagulability)
  • treat prostate inflammation
  • Ideal for strengthening hair and nails
  • stimulate the production of white blood cells
  • remove parasites from the intestine
  • regulate the pressure.

Half of the pomel contains more than 150 phytonutrients (vitamins and minerals from plant products), most of which refers to flavonoids that strengthen the heart. An easier way to benefit from citrus can be shown by the example of caloric content and the content of substances. In the year 150 we received:

  • calories: 60
  • fat: 0 g.
  • carbohydrates: 16 g.
  • vegetable fibers and fiber: 6 g.
  • sugars: 10 g.
  • proteins: 1 g.

Diet using pomelo (grapefruit)

Diet using pomelo

The key factor in losing weight is the nutritional properties of pomelo and grapefruit, as well as a diuretic and fat burning effect. If you decide to use the “half-ration” diet, when breakfast and / or dinner are replaced with fruits, fruit salads or juices at a full meal, know that you can not support it for more than three or four days. During this time, the body can burn enough fat, but it will not get the right ingredients – the necessary amount of iron, calcium, nutrients. Therefore, even with the result in reducing weight by several kilograms, the term of such a diet should be strictly limited.

Sample diet menu

During the diet, you can use pomelo or grapefruit to your liking.

First day

  • Breakfast: Half pomelo. Coffee or tea without sugar.
  • Lunch: Pomelo juice as a drink. 1 boiled egg. Salad from arugula, lettuce, tomatoes and bell pepper. Fried whole-grain bread (1 slice). For dessert – 1 slice of pineapple.
  • Dinner: Half a pomelo. Leaf salad seasoned with apple cider vinegar. 150 grams of turkey fillet (steamed or grilled).

Second day

  • Breakfast: Half pomelo and chamomile broth
  • Lunch: A glass of juice from pomelo. Salad of spinach and nuts. Boiled white rice with a little olive oil. A few slices of papaya for dessert.
  • Dinner: A glass of juice from pomelo. 150 grams of baked salmon. Tomato salad. Slice of pineapple.

The third day

  • Breakfast: Half pomelo. A cup of tea or coffee.
  • Lunch: A glass of juice from pomelo. Baked eggplants. Toast from whole grain bread with a small amount of olive oil. An Apple.
  • Dinner: A glass of juice from pomelo. Salad of spinach, lettuce, nuts and turkey fillet steamed, seasoned with lemon juice. Papaya juice.

This diet should be accompanied by at least two liters of clean drinking water a day, since pomelo is a strong diuretic and it is necessary to maintain the body’s water balance to avoid dehydration. If you feel hunger between meals, snuggle with an apple – it also has a good nutritional effect and is very useful. Once again, we emphasize that such a diet is quite strict and should not be observed for a long time, so we can damage the body. However, it is possible to arrange such three-four-day unloading periods twice a month. Results will not keep you waiting.

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