Natural remedies for bloating

Bloating is a very common phenomenon. After eating, many people feel discomfort in the stomach and intestines, which, of course, is not the norm. What is the reason? Fast weight gain? How long does it take to get a feeling of light again? This problem undoubtedly causes a lot of inconvenience and can be the consequence of many factors, but you can cope with it with the help of simple tips that we will give you in this article. Follow our recommendations, watch your diet, and you will forget about such phenomenon as bloating.

Causes of the problem

Too fast absorption of food

You think that you will be more satisfied if you eat lunch or dinner very quickly. But the opposite happens: you continue to experience hunger, because the feeling of satiety appears only 20-25 minutes after eating. In addition, wanting to finish the meal as soon as possible, we absorb more air. It accumulates in the stomach and then causes pain and discomfort. If you chew food not long enough, the enzymes of saliva do not get in the food in the right amount to mix with carbohydrates, and the lack of enzymes when digesting food leads to digestive problems.

What to do in order not to eat so fast?

You can start by placing each dish on the table in turn, beginning with salads. And, for example, toasted bread can not be eaten too quickly, because you need to chew slowly to feel its taste and taste of the foods that you consume with it.

Let’s say no fried!

Dishes in batter, croquettes, chips, roasts and stews require too much oil for cooking, this is a rather fatty food that is not well digested, causing a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen after each meal. Solution: Try to cook the products on the grill (this method does not require the addition of fat), in the oven or steam, avoiding the ways in which oil is used. Also remember that olive oil is less absorbed in foods, and after cooking fried it is better for some time to wrap the dish in absorbent paper that will absorb excess fat.

Do you drink soda water?

Obviously, fizzy drinks cause bloating. In addition, if they contain sugar, we call these drinks “empty calories”: they give energy that is not consumed, and this contributes to a set of excess weight. Carbonated water, despite the fact that it is not caloric, can also provoke bloating, which is worse if we drink it while eating.

Consumption of dietary fiber in the right amount

People who do not eat enough fiber have constipation, but their use in more than necessary can also cause problems. It is best to eat them in moderation, since too much dietary fiber in the diet causes diarrhea and bloating.

The importance of digestive enzymes

When consuming a large amount of food that does not contain whole flour, for example, cereal for breakfast, bread, biscuits, macaroni, and even rice, the reserve of digestive enzymes produced by the body is depleted more quickly. From the outside, these enzymes can not be obtained, and their lack leads to a slowing down of the process of digestion, which, in turn, can cause gas and bloating.

Eat whole foods

Nutrients that enter the body when consuming whole foods, such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, antioxidants, are very useful, and they are not contained in other foods. In addition, they promote the development of digestive enzymes, which facilitate the process of digestion of food and help to cope with bloating.

Recommended diet for bloating

  • Fresh fruits promote digestion, contain dietary fiber and a large amount of liquid, practically do not contain fat, so it will be very useful, for example, to prepare a salad of fresh fruits for dinner: a watermelon with pieces of apricot and cherries. If possible, eat different fruits, this will give better results than the constant use of one fruit.
  • Salads, which include lettuce, field salad, spinach and fruits such as pineapple and papaya, are an excellent way to improve digestion. To prepare dinner, it is always better to add some fruit.
  • Sprouts of soy, alfalfa, lentils are a very healthy food containing vitamins and minerals with almost complete absence of fats. These products are well suited for preparing various first courses, for example, gazpacho, cold soups, etc. They can even be added when frying potatoes or fried eggs.
  • Sauerkraut contains dietary fiber, very useful for the body, and thanks to the sourness, cabbage is much easier to digest. It is well suited for preparing various salads, and that to avoid consumption of large amounts of salt, before serving this dish on the table, we can add a little water to it.
  • Orshad is an old syrup, a mixture of almond milk with sugar and orange water (infused into a florldorange). This refrigeration drink does not contain lactose and is a good remedy for bloating. Serve it without sugar, in a cooled form.

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