Mandarins: the best helpers in burning fat

If we want to reduce weight, one of the fundamental strategies should be the complete elimination of sugar from the diet. How to quench cravings for sweets and can you find natural substitutes for sugar?

The ideal assistant will be mandarins. In addition to being delicious and sweet enough to eat as snacks or desserts, mandarins can be excellent substitutes for high-calorie sweets. And importantly, these citrus are the basis of a fat burning diet. Therefore, if you want to defeat fat, eat more tangerines.

With health benefits

Mandarins, along with oranges and lemons, are a storehouse of vitamin C (27 mg per 100 g.). This, in particular, is important for smokers: mandarins will help to eliminate the deficiency of a vital vitamin. For those who do not abuse bad habits, citrus will be an excellent remedy for lung cancer. For women of reproductive age, it is useful to use mandarins because of the high content of folic acid in them, which prevents the development of violations of the neuronal connections of the brain of the unborn child.

In addition, mandarins contain more than 150 phytochemicals, over 60 of which are flavonoids necessary for the body. Flavonoids protect blood vessels, reduce inflammation and are powerful antioxidants. Phytochemical polyphenols also have antioxidant properties and help prevent oncological and cardiovascular diseases.

Currently, polyphenols are actively studied by scientists due to the influence that they have on memory and other brain processes. Another group of phytochemicals, flavonones contained in mandarins, are capable of lowering blood pressure, cholesterol level in the blood, and also preventing inflammation. One of these plant polyphenols, herperidine, is part of the white peel located on the inside of the mandarin peel. Therefore, experts recommend eating most of the white membranes, if your taste buds allow.

Fat burning properties of mandarins

Fat burning properties of mandarins

Laboratory studies of a group of scientists from the University of Western Ontario, led by Murray Huff, proved: Nobilietin (a flavonoid contained in a favorite fruit) prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver, stimulates the work of genes responsible for burning excess fat, and inhibits the activity of genes that produce lipids (natural organic fats and fat-like substances).

Canadian scientists also managed to open in another citrus – pomelo – flavonoid naringenin, which protects us from obesity and other symptoms of the metabolic syndrome. However, Professor Huff argues that nobilite is ten times more effective than naringenin, and it also has the ability to protect us from atherosclerosis.

Thus, mandarins are not only our best assistants in the fight against fat, but also prevent the development of many diseases and bring great health benefits.

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