Is it dangerous to do tattoos?

A beautiful figure on the skin seems attractive to many, but it should not be discounted that its application can entail danger. Few people know how serious side effects of tattooing can be for health. Before deciding on this step, find out how this innocent pleasure can affect your body.

Typically, for tattooing, a special electric induction machine is used, equipped with disposable needles, through which the tattoo artist injects colored ink under the inner layer of the skin (dermis). When healing the wound, the upper layer (epidermis) peels off and quickly loses the ink.

Than it can threaten

First of all, you should determine the salon in which you will make a tattoo. Make sure that this facility is accredited by the health authorities, the staff is qualified, uses quality materials and tools, and also adheres to hygiene measures to prevent the possibility of contracting diseases such as AIDS, tetanus, hepatitis and other infectious diseases easily transmitted through the blood.

Either way, tattoos can cause various complications on the skin such as granulomatous inflammation (a red rash appears on the body) and keloid scars that can suddenly appear in the form of inflammation or allergic reactions even a few years after the tattoo is applied. Also, the place of the tattoo should be chosen in such a way that the tattoo does not fall on the birthmark, introduced into the subcutaneous tissue, the pigment does not allow you to see in time the changes occurring in the area of ​​the mole, which, however, may be of a malignant nature.

How to prevent complications


Do not limit yourself to information about the certification of the tattoo parlor by health authorities, be vigilant, monitor compliance with sanitary norms in order to avoid infection with various infectious diseases. For example, do not reuse disposable syringes. Make sure that after the master has given you a tattoo, he used the diluted pigment ink and disposable tray for mixing ink, and they can also become a source of infection.

The workplace of the master should be equipped with an autoclave for sterilizing tools and regularly treated with a disinfectant. The tattoo artist should wash his hands with antibacterial soap and use disposable latex gloves. After applying the tattoo, you will receive instructions from the master on how to care for the tattoo and how to prevent it from becoming infected. Before you sit in the armchair, try to find out whether these measures will be followed.

Pay attention

Remember that if you apply a permanent tattoo, and one day you get tired of it, then reducing it is expensive, and the process of information is painful. It is also likely that a scar remains on the place of the tattoo. Often people turn to medical centers with a request to eliminate a tattoo that brings a lot of difficulties for a long time.

Do not exclude the possibility that over time you can gain weight, and the resulting stretch can disrupt the integrity of the picture. In the light of the upcoming motherhood, we do not advise girls to apply tattoos in the chest and abdomen, as a consequence of pregnancy, the tattoo can be distorted.

Modern alternatives


If you decide to make a tattoo, but you are not sure that you want to go with it all your life, then the version with a tattoo made by biodegradable ink is more likely to suit you. Such tattoos will do less damage to your body, and they are easier to reduce than conventional tattoos. Their only drawback in price, so they are not so common.

It is very important to consider the quality of tattoo ink. Sometimes cheap tattoos cost people dearly. Because of its short-sighted economy, people have to seek medical help or even face complications. It is important to know that pigment and water-soluble inks can be infected due to various reasons:

– Use of already infected tattoo ink

– Infection in the process of tattooing

– Unhygienic repeated use of ink from one bottle

– Ink dilution with water not intended for pharmaceutical purposes

– Use ink after the expiration date.

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