How to prevent urinary tract infections?

Urinary tract infections are very common in women, so it is important that you know how to prevent these diseases. Why allow the emergence of such problems, when there is so much chance of never encountering them?

Intimate hygiene is very important

There are several basic recommendations concerning intimate hygiene that all women should know. However, it will not be superfluous to recall them once again, so that the basic advice is always in sight. The very first rule: after going to the toilet, should be washed away from the front to back. Following such a simple recommendation, you will avoid that the microbes present in the anus will fall on the genitals, where they can provoke various infections, because the genitalia environment is very delicate.

On the other hand, too frequent sweating is not recommended, and long baths can cause bacteria to enter the bladder and cause health problems. To maintain the hygiene of the genitals, it is not necessary to spend several hours in the bathroom.

Another important recommendation in order to avoid urinary tract infections: never tolerate if you need to use the toilet. Emptying the bladder should be as often as you need it.

Wear cotton underwear

Underwear should be of high quality and should not overly tighten the body, this simple advice will also help you avoid urinary tract infections. Lingerie plays a very important role in the health of a woman, so it is preferable to choose models from natural cotton, as they provide air access and do not create excessive humidity, which can cause irritation, itching and, quite often, infections.

Eat healthy food

A person who eats correctly can always be distinguished by his flowering appearance, and it is not without reason that it says: “We are what we eat”. If you drink too much fluid, it will become noticeable in your urine, as it will be much darker than normal. If you drink a lot of water, eat fruits that are part of a balanced diet, your urine will be lighter, and you will walk more often to the toilet, which will help get rid of the bacteria that cause the disease.

As you probably noticed, the described rules are very simple, and every woman should know them to avoid unpleasant and very painful infecy urinary tract.

We always repeat and do not tire of repeating that the best way to live peacefully and be healthy is to prevent illnesses, thinking about them in advance and taking the necessary measures. So you can spend long happy hours with your loved ones for many years and enjoy health, which will allow you to live a full life.

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