How to get rid of fat on your stomach

It’s no secret that the stomach is one of the most “problem” zones for all women who want to be slim. Fat in the abdomen area accumulates around the vital organs and is under a layer of muscles, so getting rid of it, unfortunately, is not easy. But, perhaps, if you follow our advice, you can easily bring your figure in order.

To lose weight in the abdomen, you must first eat properly and do not forget about physical exercises. Daily fattening will help you to remove fat, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the press, and a carefully formulated diet. Also, to return the slenderness of the figure, you will have to give up bad habits (such as alcohol and smoking).

What should be included in the diet?

If you decided to get rid of fat on your stomach and sides, you should carefully and seriously approach the problem: first of all, you should monitor the amount of food consumed and its calorie content.

Include in your diet natural plant products: fruits, vegetables, cereals, olive oil. Also you will be useful for low-fat products, such as lean ham, chicken, fish. If you do not want to gain weight, avoid simple carbohydrates, including excluding carbonated drinks from your diet, do not eat white bread, half-finished products, fatty foods and sweets.

To help in the fight against excess weight, you will also receive vegetables that are used as diuretics. For example, asparagus has the property of accelerating the metabolic process and reduces the risk of heartburn and bloating. Cucumbers are also a powerful diuretic, besides, they not only inhibit fluid retention in the body, but also cause a feeling of satiety. This they will help you not to overeat and long enough not to feel hunger. Cauliflower is also recommended by nutritionists, because it is low in calories and healthy, since it regulates the sugar content in the blood. All these vegetables are the best way to get rid of the obsessive desire to “eat something tasty”, because it will not bring us anything good, just the extra calories that will affect your figure.

Vegetables and meat cook for a couple, cook or carcass, but completely excluded from the diet fried and salted.

Drink at least two liters of water a day: so you can moisten the skin, remove harmful substances and toxins from the body, improve metabolism and substances and maintain the figure in good condition.

Create a diet to reduce 500 calories per day, and then you can lose up to one kilogram per week!

Useful exercises

You should combine a diet with aerobics and exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles: only in conjunction with the exercise you can get rid of excess fat and achieve the desired result!

Regular gymnastics

Physical education will help you maintain the body in tone and have a beneficial effect on metabolism and the work of organs. First of all, we advise paying attention to cardio exercises – aerobic exercise, aimed at strengthening the heart, such as running or walking.

Accustom yourself at least half an hour a day to spend on physical exercises, but remember that you should not immediately overexert the body. Start with a leisurely bike ride, gradually increasing the load. For example, climbing a bike in a hill will require more effort from you and will serve as a good exercise for milking your muscles.

To effectively combat excess weight, you should also regularly perform a set of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the abdominal press. Combine them with cardio exercises, such as jogging or jumping rope. Try to devote at least 30 minutes a day to charging, which includes gymnastics for abdominal muscles and exercises to strengthen the heart.

Exercises to strengthen the press

Do not forget to train your abdominal muscles. After regular exercise will not only reduce the waist and help get rid of fat in the abdomen, but also tone and strengthen the muscles of the abdominal press.

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