How to deal with gastritis?

A disease like gastritis is common among people working in the office, because their diet and the quality of their food leaves much to be desired. However, this disease can appear not only because of such work. There are patients who have experienced gastritis due to alcohol abuse, after a bacterial illness or treatment with certain medications that have side effects.

Inflammatory diseases of the stomach, regardless of the cause of their appearance, cause severe discomfort: their symptoms contribute to deterioration of well-being and decrease in working capacity. In this article, we give some ways to treat such diseases.

Mild form of gastritis

  • The most effective way of dealing with this disease is to exclude from your diet acute and fatty foods, including fried and all kinds of sauces.
  • The next step that should be taken is to try to reduce portions of consumed food, and also eat more fruit, biscuits and drink natural juices in the intervals between meals so that the stomach constantly works. Thus you can cope with bouts of the disease.
  • If you have a predilection for alcoholic beverages, try as much as possible to reduce their use, and to achieve the best result of treatment, alcohol should be eliminated completely.
  • Another rather important recommendation: try to eat as slowly as possible, it helps to facilitate digestion. Basically, people who eat food very quickly, are prone to inflammatory diseases of the stomach and often suffer from pain in the abdominal area. This is due to the fact that digestion passes with complications, and the load on the stomach is too great.
  • It is also extremely important to be able to control stress, which nowadays, unfortunately, can not be saved at work or at home. Surely in everyday life you quite often come across conflict situations and various troubles that make you nervous. A huge number of problems that need to be solved cause feelings of anxiety and bad mood. In such situations it is important to be able to pull yourself together and find a way out. Calm down, breathe in deeper and count to ten before rushing to scream or doing some other ill-considered act, because your health is more important than all these minor misunderstandings.

Chronic gastritis

This form of the disease is much more serious than described above, and requires a more careful approach to treatment, since it is no longer a small problem that can be cured by drinking a decoction of herbs. If you suffer from chronic gastritis, you need to see a specialist, since you will need special medications to avoid the formation of excessive amounts of stomach acid. Another way to fight the chronic form of the disease is to find the causes of gastritis and try to eliminate them under the supervision of a doctor with the help of properly selected funds.

Traditional methods of treatment of gastritis

There are many folk methods that make it easier to relieve the symptoms of this disease. The main are the use of products rich in fibers, for example, cereals and fruits, along with the skin (with the exception of citrus fruits). It will be useful to include in the diet flaxseed, fresh ginger, coconut water and licorice tea. These methods will help to remove the eruption in the stomach and intestines.

Another important tip: do not eat less than two or three hours before bedtime, because if you go to bed with a full stomach, the symptoms of gastritis can intensify. Also, do not eat more than enough to satiate. For dinner, you can prepare a small portion of a salad and eat a jar of yogurt.

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