From what drinks quickly do gain weight?

Doctors say that it is good for health to drink at least two liters of fluid a day. But do you know how much harm your beverage can inflict on your figure? You can read about what you can drink and what you can not, in our article.

We women always look carefully at making diets and watching what we eat. But do we think so often about what we drink? Surely you did not know before that some drinks can affect your figure negatively. After all, they not only contain a large number of calories, but also contribute to fluid retention in the body. Probably, you will be interested in what beverages you should exclude from your diet in order to avoid extra pounds.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends drinking two liters of fluid per day, and many women follow this rule, but most of them forget that it is about clean drinking water. Most often we replace it with sweet high-calorie drinks with a high content of preservatives and sugar, and they not only spoil your figure, but also have a detrimental effect on your body.

Sweet flavored drinks with various flavors, fruit juices, alcohol, carbonated drinks – all of this we drink every day, not only during meals, but also to cool in the heat and escape from thirst. But how often do you think about how bad it affects your health? In our article you will find the answer to the question, why it is harmful to drink flavored drinks, soda and alcohol.

Alcohol is the first enemy

Nutritionists and doctors are sure that alcohol always walks hand in hand with obesity. The human digestive system is arranged in such a way that usually everything that we eat and drink is processed in it, but alcohol, because of its high calorie content, hinders the functioning of the liver and prevents the natural processing of consumed food. Alcohol causes a real “blow to the liver”!
Alcohol not only does not satiate, but, on the contrary, causes hunger and provokes an increase in appetite. And this means that you can safely be called the first enemy of a slender figure!
It is also said that alcoholic beverages have a slight narcotic effect and are therefore quickly addictive. In alcohol it is difficult to know the measure: you will need a real great effort of will to force yourself to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages with one glass of wine at dinner or, perhaps, a glass of beer in the company of old friends.

Carbonated and aromatic drinks

Sweet aromatic drinks, which are usually so delicious and which we drink every day – the first step on the road to obesity! The composition of each carbonated drink includes sweeteners and flavors, which are usually made from cheap syrups of poor quality. Such drinks are always very sweet, because they add a lot of sugar and glucose, and this, among other things, contributes to the development of addiction and a gradual addiction to soda.

So-called “dietary” carbonated drinks marked “light” also have contraindications, because as a sweetener in them add the sweetener aspartame, which is very harmful to our body. For those who want to switch to a healthy diet, it is necessary to exclude “diet” carbonated drinks from their diets and instead of them to consume drinks with natural sweeteners, such as stevia. This method is now used by the Coca-Cola company in Argentina: its creators are trying to minimize the sugar content in the drink, although this, of course, does not exclude it from the beverage at all.

In sweet carbonated drinks not only add harmful artificial sweeteners, they also contain sodium, which helps to retain fluid in the body. And this not only adversely affects the figure and turns into extra pounds, but with daily consumption can lead to disruption of the internal organs, such as kidneys and liver.

Fruit juices and nectars

Fruit juices and nectars

There is nothing tastier and more useful than natural freshly squeezed juice, for the preparation of which neither preservatives nor chemical additives were used. After all, it contains a whole storehouse of vitamins and nutrients! When buying freshly squeezed juice, do not forget to pay attention to the quality print: it gives a guarantee that the fruit was grown, harvested and stored in conditions favorable for preserving their natural taste and quality.

And those juices and nectars that you see on the shelf in the store, not only do not have in their composition of natural fruits, but also contain flavorings, artificial colors and additional cheap sweeteners of poor quality, which will damage your figure and health. Therefore, the best advice for you: do not buy cheap fruit drinks in the store, buy a juicer and cook at home the real tasty and natural fruit and vegetable juices!

What then it is necessary to drink?

drink water

It’s not a secret for anyone that the thirst is best quenched by simple drinking water, especially if it is water from natural mountain springs. This pure, natural taste you just can not be confused with anything and definitely distinguish it from flavored sweet preservatives. Such water, as a rule, can be easily bought in any supermarket at a very affordable price.

“If soda, juices in bags and alcoholic beverages are harmful, then, to remain slender, can not I drink anything but water?” You will ask. Why, at all is not present, in fact there are still many tasty, useful and natural drinks which will give you an opportunity to consume the daily norm of a liquid without harm to health and a figure. Brew yourself a green herbal tea, prepare fruit or vegetable freshly squeezed juice from natural carrots, apples, oranges; Drink oat milk. Any other cereals, such as coffee and barley, you can also safely include in your diet: in combination with drinking water they will certainly benefit your health and will not affect your weight.

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