Flat stomach: how to achieve results in a short time

Regardless of age, all girls want a flat tummy. Especially on the eve of a wonderful holiday on the beach, which you may have planned for the summer, and maybe even for the New Year holidays. However, the usual products contain a large amount of fats, in particular, when it comes to low-quality food, fast food and snacks.

Such food not only does not add to our health and well-being, but is reflected in the form of extra centimeters at the waist. Perhaps you’ve tried various biological supplements and weight loss products, but apart from the advertising effect, they do not have any effect on the state of your figure. If you really want to overcome fat deposits in the abdomen, pay attention to natural products. All about how to find a flat stomach, read in our article.

What are fats for?

In fact, fat deposits and cellulite do not arise without cause. It depends on eating low-quality foods and “bad” fats, which raise the level of cholesterol in the blood and the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases and other serious disorders.

You should know that “proper” unsaturated fats as such play an important role in the body, they are the main source for energy reproduction, so you can not completely exclude them from the food system. Otherwise, your body will start using glucose, which is important for protecting the internal organs from injuries and maintaining normal body temperature, for the production of fats. In addition, fats – a natural shield for the arteries with vitamin C deficiency, as they help to restore collagen in the tissues and walls of blood vessels.

Consumption of “right” fats from natural products is important for obesity, hypertension and diseases such as diabetes, as fats contribute to the tone of the body, good emotional and physical well-being and protect against depression. Try to reduce the amount of “bad” fats and increase the amount of those that are good for the body, and also keep a balanced diet and do not forget about daily exercise and sports.

7 natural remedies for flat stomach

Olive oil

Olive oil is the best of all vegetable oils, especially for the product marked “extra virgin”. It is obtained by a cold-pressing method that retains all useful properties. Olive oil does not include saturated fats, harmful to the body, and is a source of vitamins and minerals. It is important to use it in a diet that restricts the consumption of fat. Such oil serves for the assimilation of nutrients, the synthesis of hormones and the reduction of cholesterol. Remember that when processing high temperatures (frying, etc.), it changes its structure and loses its useful properties.


Almonds contain a large number of proteins, fiber and calcium, which increases the level of body energy. They are recommended to people who adhere to vegetarianism, vegans, sportsmen in moments of high physical exertion. Almond helps to activate metabolism and control blood sugar, carries an important amount of omega-3 fatty amino acids and protects against diseases associated with obesity. You can eat nuts in pure form, add to low-calorie desserts or use almond milk.


Oat groats

Oatmeal is important in diets aimed at weight loss, as it brings incredible satiety to the body. It is rich in proteins and fiber, so it is ideal for breakfast. Oatmeal helps reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood thanks to the components that bind and remove toxins and fats from the body. Grinded oatmeal is good to use as a breading for meat and vegetables.



It is equally important to diversify the food with vegetables, this is perfectly suitable for broccoli cabbage. It has a beneficial effect on the bronchi, has a lot of fiber, vitamin C and calcium. All these nutrients help the intestines absorb less fat, so they do not accumulate on the walls of the arteries. Broccoli improves digestion, low calorie and strengthens the immune system. Include it in the diet in fresh form, cooked for a couple or as part of salads and pasta.


Delicious berry is rich in water and fiber, so it comes first in the recommendations of nutritionists. Raspberry serves to activate blood circulation and regulate sodium levels. It also slows down the digestion and absorption of sugars and fats by the body through flavonoids and anthocyanin.


Red fish is an incomparable source of omega-3 fatty amino acids and proteins. It helps the internal organs in the production of “proper” cholesterol, hormones and bile. In addition, salmon gives us the necessary vitamin D norm and helps maintain the nervous system healthy, accelerates metabolism and burns excess fat. But be careful, choose fish grown under artificial conditions, so you will save the body from heavy metals – lead and dioxins, which can be contained in marine fish from contaminated areas.

Green tea

Green tea is known as a good “fat burner”. Like any other kind of tea, it has a positive effect on the digestive system, as it saturates it with a high-temperature liquid. A cup of tea after lunch or dinner will allow food to pass through the digestive tract better, removing fats and carbohydrates. This facilitates the absorption of vitamins and minerals and the burning of calories, thanks to the temperature of the drink. Green tea stimulates tone, lowers arterial pressure, regulates blood glucose levels, fights against the negative effects of free radicals and strengthens bones due to the calcium content. Green tea is rich in antioxidant catein and polyphenols, which affect stress hormones. Like red wine, it does not prevent the production of fats from glucose, raising the level of energy. Experts recommend eating green tea in the morning and in the afternoon, but not more than three cups a day.

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