Are you fat due to dinner?

Dinner is a key element of our diet and, therefore, of our weight. Too much to eat at night or eat too harmful food means to promote fat production, because at this time of day you no longer need extra calories. Often in the evenings, you can hardly even burn calories already eaten during the day! Obviously, you need to use the bulk of calories in the morning.

You should know what foods to eat for dinner, and which ones – not, if you want to keep your weight or lose weight. The main thing, remember the classical picture “I eat breakfast very tightly – I eat dinner”. A balanced diet and control of calories – a natural way to lose weight, improve the quality of life and, oddly enough, less tired. So, take a pencil and write down:

Is it true that I’m getting fat due to supper?

No, you get fat because you eat wrong in the evenings. Unfortunately, we all make this mistake almost every for a number of reasons:

  • In the mornings we have enough strength to follow the diet and “eat little”, but when we come home in the evening we, repressed and tired, relax and eat everything we can find in the refrigerator. As a rule, for some reason, first of all, we find there are very high-calorie and fatty foods.
  • Sometimes – because of work and other things – we have breakfast on the run or at all we miss the first meal, during the day we have a bite of something, and in the evening we come home hungry like wolves, and with a strong desire to empty the refrigerator. It does not lead to anything good.
  • We have dinner very late. You come home late, do your own thing and end up eating just before you go to sleep … A familiar picture? Such situations should be avoided: supper should be done early, so that before going to sleep the body had time to digest all the food.

Foods that should not be eaten at night

In the evenings, it is necessary to avoid overly high-calorie and difficult to digest foods: because of them you not only get fat, but also sleep badly. First of all, it’s fried and fatty foods, sodas and drinks containing caffeine, as well as products from this list:


Of course, from time to time you eat sandwiches at night. It seems that this is such a simple and “easy” food, but it all depends on what exactly you put in your sandwich. But even regardless of the filling, remember that for dinner it is not recommended to abuse bread, especially if you are particularly susceptible to carbohydrates and they are not processed in your body, but are added to adipose tissue in the form of cholesterol.

Salads with Lettuce

It’s hard to believe, but lettuce is a product that is not easily digested due to the high content of insoluble fiber. As a result, you suffer at night from gas and bloating. Better to supper with tomato salad with the addition of some protein to feel satiation.

Onion and garlic

Never eat raw onions and garlic for the night: the body can not digest them and your stomach will feel it until the morning.

Pasta, rice and pizza

Do not abuse these foods – eat them for dinner a little bit. The best source of carbohydrates in the evenings is vegetables, not rice with pasta, but in small quantities you can afford them.

What can you eat for dinner?

Dinner is the last meal of the day and the last chance to make the diet today balanced. It is always useful to add a few vegetables to your dinner. Grilled vegetables, stewed vegetables, soups – add a little salmon or turkey, perhaps yogurt, and replace bread with light bread – that’s a good option for dinner.

Examples of light supper

Stewed mushrooms with tortillas and sour cream. For dessert – a slice of melon or watermelon.
Salad of tomatoes with mozzarella and shrimps, a little salmon and bread.
Pumpkin cream soup with hake, apple and yogurt with honey.

What happens if you do not eat dinner at all?

To skip any food intake is not very useful, it’s bad for the mood and as a result we eat more during the day. Abandoning dinner means lowering blood sugar, suffering from hypoglycemia, consuming fewer calories … and, as a result, causing irreparable harm to one’s health. We do not recommend this approach.

What is best for dinner?

Fresh fruit or compote (its easiest to digest), low-fat yogurt.

In which hour can I have dinner?

Two hours before going to bed.

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